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Welcome to our internship program for Junior Developers who are striving to develop excellent skills in Back-End & Front-End web programming.

WordPress internship

Duration: 3 months paid internship (6 hours/day)
Internship contract
3 mentors
Access to paid online courses
Weekly and monthly progress evaluation

Requirements for WordPress

Basic knowledge of HTML5 and CSS
Interest for CMS platforms, specifically for WordPress
Strong motivation for learning individually and in the team
Seriousness and pro-active attitude
Good knowledge of English is an advantage
Availability for all duration of internship.

What do you have to do

  • Send us your short resume to with Subject: Best4u Academy
  • Write in the message 3 short reasons why do you want to do your internship at Best4u Development.
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I learn doing projects, solving problems as they appear. Besides the fact that I really appreciate the coffee of the office (LOL) - I see people are working with us, it is a real interest from mentors that we make progress and grow. Additionally, I have all I need, a new computer and two monitors! I did not even think of it, I thought they would give me an old computer and a table somewhere in the back of the office. But we are like the other programmers, we have very good office conditions.

Alexei, Best4u Academy Developer


It doesn’t matter if you are a student or an employee looking for a career in web development. Anyone who wants to learn WordPress programming can apply for a 3 months  Best4u Academy internship.

Basic knowledge of HTLM and CSS is mandatory. An advantage is if you know basic WordPress and/or tried to do something in WordPress.

No, but good a level of English is an advantage. If two candidates are on the same level but one of them knows better English, we will prefer him/her.

This means that you will receive a monthly reward, and you don’t have to pay anything. This is Best4u investment in you and your skills. The amount of rewarding is specified in your contract. Please contact us in order to obtain more details about payments.

Best4u Academy is a totally practical internship. We don’t provide lectures or classes as in school. You will receive a real project from the very first day of your internship, and you will have to start building a website in WordPress. Our mentors are going to assist you and explain everything you don’t know yet.

We can do it, but we don’t guarantee employment. This depends on many factors, including your performance, seriousness, but also the availability of vacant positions and possibilities of the company to hire people. In any case, the knowledge and skills you develop during Best4u Academy certainly will help you to get a job very quickly, or even work as freelancer.